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Brillo, Alien Artifacts and Novas

OK. Here is my first photo. It's the "Brillo" ram pendant from Eric Flint's 1632 series. It's both a real creature an and an iconic symbol. Best of all a silver Brillo pendant could exist it the 1632 universe, although it doesn't yet. Paula Goodlet who edits the series Grantville Gazette and who wrote the original Brillo story will be putting it up on their site sometime after I get back from World Fantasy, and we finish up the last bits about it for the site.

Actual size is 2.5" by 1.5".

Will be working on more photos in November. I had a little help with this one, so I still have a ways to go, especially when I'll be working in color (an unfamiliar medium). And I only think this one is OK not great.

Today I did the much needed garden work I've been putting off while getting the jewelry done. Took 5 large bags of leaves out of the garden. This sounds like I'm somewhere in the Northeast but actually my Californian plum trees drop all their leaves after turning a pretty but unremarkable yellow. And I pruned an anonymous tree that had grown a bit into my lemon tree into an arch. My garden has lots of shaped arches but in a very organic non topiary kind of way.

And I'm almost finished with the remnant nova pendant in wax. Once I realized it was mostly about negative space, the final work just flowed.
And I finally figured out my alien gear pin forwhumpdotcom. It's going to be a gold alien artifact lodged in dark silver that is either layered rock or possibly a piece of a meteor. The dark sapphires will go in the silver.

Altogether a good day.

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I'm just sitting down to start carving waxes today. I'm still working on the Cassiopeia: A supernova remnant.  The dimensionality is being very interesting.

Also have started some gold, very dark silver and tiny diamond pieces.

And I'm thinking abut a floral carved Chinese sunstone to set in gold.

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Dead Roses

I have a vase of dead roses on the big table in my studio.  I was going to throw them out and pick something in the garden, but I like dead roses so I'm keeping them for a while. 

I finished carving a wax tonight of a thumb ring for my friend Tracy.  It's a textured band shaped for the thumb and set with a greenish black star sapphire.

I'll be concentrating on the platypus sculpture  for  a while.  I really like very long projects.

I'm not planning to working wax for the next 2 days, so I put my wax bench away.  It tends to take over the room, psychically as much as any other way, so it always feels very open when it's gone.

On another note, I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday.  I've lived here for over 20 years and this is the first time I've done it.  Perfect day and great views...very full eyes.

I'm thinking very hard about the remnant nova.  I have beautiful opal fragments for it.  It's making me think about other ways to use opal fragments in my work.

Today felt a little scattered, I did a mixture of wax work, setting and writing.  I'm more comfortable with less varied time.

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