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Time to Polish
jonsinger just sent me some gorgeous images of a test series of porcelain glazes he just ran. We were talking on the phone about some slices fro a pink CV I was having cut for him for possible laser work, and he told me about the new glazes.

Getting the pink CZ (cubic zirconium) cut in appropriate ways has been an adventure that included sending it to faceters in China to be cut. We're not sure whether it was successful or not at this point.

So, back to polishing. I have the wedding bands and a fire agate pendant and the pair of small clound earrings cast and ready to polish.

I should have them finished in the next few days. They all cast beautifully.

I'm thinking about tree earrings with elongated pearl drops.

Mood: Elated

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CV -- cultured variscite? crystal, uh, something?

Whoops! That should have been CZ (cubic zirconium). I'm going to fix it in the post.

Me, too- what's CV? Many thanks...

As I just said to wordweaverlynn. I had an bad alphabet moment. I should have been CZ (cubic zirconium)

Ah, OK- thanks! CZs I know! :)

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