laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Opal, Collawood, and Lava and Moonstone

I'm back on LJ after a long period of working very intensely in wax. I have a group of designs finished and will be posting their photos after the folks who commissioned them receive them.

Designs include a stunning collawood with blue topaz, a lava and moonstone pendant in 14kt, and a large beautiful tear drop opal and 14kt with an especially interesting back. I always make sure that the backs of my work are also art but this one is special.

This is and opal and sterling pendant from the collection of Nancy Cobb.  Opal is more brilliant then the photo.  Opals are always hard to photograph. White near the top of the stone is a light reflection.

Tags: art jewlery, jewelry, opal
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