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Spike Tailed Art Nouveau Woman and Gargoyles
(cross-posted on dreamwidth)

I was delighted to get a commission from Rebecca Burgess to do a gargolye setting in 14kt gold for this faux wedgewood. The cabuchon is a vintage art nouveau piece of a spiked tailed, graceful nymph in bas relief.

I spent a lot of time looking at images from Hieronymus Bosch paintings like this. You'll notice that one of my gargoyle heads is very closely related to one in the painting.

And I looked at a lot of images of gargoyles especially like some of the ones from Notre Dame. I spent a lot of time looking at them when I was in Paris.

The design went through several versions and required both research work and a great deal of fine detail carving.  I had the faux wedgwood for years and to have the perfect way to set it with gargoyles made me very happy.