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Back From World Fantasy and a Visit to a Long Ago Home

I'm back from World Fantasy and various travels. I went out to dinner with friends I rarely see, have some fascinating commissions including one in a new dark bronze I've just started working with recently. I came home to a Body Opression Workshop with photographs that I did with Deb in Sonoma. I've had some recovery and caught up on the necessary post show paper work etc, etc. and am finishing up the post show metal work. Then I'll be happily back at work carving waxes.

After World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs, I was close enough to visit to a small town in the extremely beautiful upper Catskills in upstate New York. I lived there a long time ago, for over a year that included two freezing winters, a beautiful summer and a stunning fall. I traveled through there on a dark and intermittently rainy day that felt perfect for photographs.

This was the stream behind the school that was across the street. When I lived there it was filled with trout

But in spite of the fact the fall colors are remarkable, the most beautiful time for me was winter. You could clearly see the shapes of the mountains, covered with the light purple haze of the bare trees.
rox-dark trees5"_0593

Trees and shadows of mountains behind the town.

It was mostly past peak fall color when I was there and I had clear views of the mountains.


A few maples still had strong color.

Roxbury is a two street town with some farm land in a very narrow valley surrounded by mountain tops. I saw my old house, somewhat the worse for wear. The school across the street that my daughter attended was the same except of an extension and the laundromat is now a library. It was (for a Californian) surprisingly unchanged.

The mountains are full of creeks and streams. Coming from the California drought it seems almost miraculous.

Seeing Roxbury and the mountains for the first time in 40 years, with my vivid memories confirmed, was a joy.
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