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Leaving for World Fantasy
Everything is more or less ready. I have a new group of pendants that include red flecked druzy crystals, Mexican fire opals, moonstones, and a plume agate that looks like a painting.

I'll do the last bits tomorrow. setting some silver spiders with tiny stones.

The pendant is fire opal with orange sapphire and an emerald. It's about 2". From the collection of Nancy Cobb.

This is a photo of Diane Martin wearing her new lapis and pearl pendant.

I'm excited to be going to World Fantasy and seeing everyone I know.  And I'm excited about being in upstate NY.  I lived there a long time ago and it's very beautiful.  I'm going to travel a little after it's over.

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I love the 1920s feel of the lapis and pearl pendant. Really beautiful work.

Thanks. It's a period of work I love.

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