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Hayalite and Opal
I've been working on a complicated design problem for a while. It's a ring with a asymmetrical hyalite triangle and a long narrow brilliant opal with a lot of red flash. Hyalite is a form of opal with a glassy and clear appearance. This one is white and shot with brilliant lights.

The shapes are not naturally compatible and so the design difficulty. But I've solved it with a ring design that creates a balance and harmony with the two stunning stones. I still need to do a fair amount of work and carved textures on it but the essential design problem is solved.

Pendant is sterling "world" with a blue chalcedony satelite crossing it.  From the collectionof River Curtis-Stanley.

I'm ging back to carving.

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*bounce* These things will be born in their own time :)

That is a GORGEOUS chalcedony!!!

It's even more beautiful in life. Lloyd Eshbach cut it years ago.

I really want to see that ring when it's done.

It sounds marvelous, both in form and flash, and you know how I go for statement pieces. :-)

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Re: I really want to see that ring when it's done.

There will be a photo

It really is beautiful

It's hard for me to see with my eyes in the condition they are this morning, but that slightly less-opaque part of the chalcedony's white streak, the part that appears bordered, is filled with tiny crystalline points of light.

This piece was my first purchase from Laurie and my introduction to her work, at Confrancisco back in 1993. I hemmed and hawed over it for most of the con; getting it would take all the money I'd socked away for over a year to get a new sleeping bag. I finally decided to get it and have never regretted it. All four, now, of Laurie's pieces that I have, are all pendants or necklaces and they're all very much statement pieces that go with everything, get people coming up to me just to see what they're like close up.

My basic procedure when I get to Worldcon, which is usually years between, is to find her booth first of all and give her all or most of my money. It is literally what I tell my husband when we're planning. I am never sorry.

Re: It really is beautiful

Thanks so much River. I didn't remember that this was your first piece. That's very special. I really appreciate what you said.

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