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New Designs for World Fantasy
I finished some new designs in wax today.

A moonstone ring, fire opal ring, and pendant that will be set with a druse stone with a scattering of dark red crystals and a vivid Ethiopian opal. They opal circles the major stone. They'll be finished in time for World Fantasy in November.

And I also put the the final touches on a very special Dugway flower stone. The crystal flower looks like it was sculpted rather then naturally formed, The design for it is leaves and a largish flower with a diamond center.

Ill be making work for World Fantasy, among other things, for all of October.

I used to live in a really beautiful part to upstate NY, so I'm looking forward to being there.

Swan is from the collection of River Curtis-Stanley.  It's another photo I took under less then perfect conditions at Worldcon but I think it gives a good sense of the design.  Silver is much brighter,  There were overhead florescents that meant I had to shoot away from them in lower light then I would prefer.

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Thank you all. Unfortunately I can't get those pearls in that size anymore.

From my monitor, this is smaller than actual size.

It's 1 3/4" wide or high, and about 3 7/16" long, so this piece is really dramatic and one of my all-time favorites. To me it is a blue heron like the ones who land in my pond and go fishing, especially after we've introduced mosquito fish again.

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