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Photos of the National Museum of Modern Art Exhibition In Tokyo

This is from a post I did on Body Impolitic and I wanted my live journal folks to see the exhibition news and photos as well. It's pretty amazing.

I'm really excited that 41,550 people went to the exhibition in Tokyo

Tomohiro Masuda, who co-curated the "No Museum, No Life?" exhibition, was kind enough to send me photographs of the Nude/Naked section of the exhibition that that included 4 of my photographs. He wrote about me in the catalogue.



This is a view of the Nude/Naked section. Paintings on the wall include a Picasso and a Courbet.




This is the wall of photographs. It's contexted by quotes from Women En Large and Familiar Men. If you click on it you can see the individual photos better, but the focus isn't ideal. Some of my photos can be seen here when I wrote about this earlier.


philliphuangand text


If you click on the picture above you can read Jonathan Katz's text from Familiar Men.


DebandTracytext close


If you click on this one you can read Debbie Notkin's text from Women En Large.

And finally this is a view of the whole section.


Tokyomusuemexhibit room1


I really wish I could have seen the exhibition, but it was great to get these photos.
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