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Pearls, Birds and Dragons
For the last number of years I've been able to get one or two large very baroque flat pearls, every year, exquisitely shaded, that look something like wings.

It's always been a marvelous challenge to make a pendant where they truly look like a wing, and the creature looks in flight.  I've made swans, a flying heron and one in the reeds, a goose, dragons and once playing cats (there obviously the pearl wasn't a wing).

And now that's that. I got the last one from my pearl people yesterday and they told me that there won't be anymore.

It's not that there aren't an unlimited number of amazing stones to work with, but I'll really miss working with these pearls.  At least until I find something particularly amazing and new to work with. Rather like a new lover after a break up...

Mood: Triste