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Wedding Rings, Clouds and Photographs

I just finished carving the waxes for silver wedding rings for 2 women who are getting married in Iowa in August.  They are flowing and narrow with a subtle texture. Subtle texture is always very focused work.  My first Iowa queer wedding bands!

And I'm just finishing 2 small cloud with garnet earrings for Simran Kalsa to go with a large  hessonite cloud pendant with garnet and pearl that she's getting from me.  It looks amazing on her.  Hessionite is also a garnet but not at all typical garnet like in appearance. 

Lastly I'm thinking and meditating on the a small cog gold pin with black sapphires.  I may use brilliant blue sapphires and blacken the setting behind them by  coating them with black rhodium.   It makes very sparking black sapphires.  This is definitely still in the meditation stage.

I've been getting more requests for photographs and, as I've said, I would love to have good photos of the jewelry.  I seriously plan to be able to take effective photographs of my work within about 2 months.  I've always thought that my major problem was that the ways in which I use detail to make things alive, flattens out and works badly in photos.  I was talking about this recently with a jeweler friend, and she pointed out to me that my work is made to be seen from many angles and directions.  I hadn't thought about it that way.  It's obviously true when someone is wearing jewelry, but it's also true that in a showcase work is still looked out from many directions.

So an interesting problem, but one I am hopeful of solving. I should also explain that these will be my first totally digital images.  All my portrait projects, Women En Large, Familiar Men and Women of Japan were shot on film. I have done digital prints, but those were from film darkroom images.

The tiny draon I talked abut yesterday may always be too small to do a good image of...we'll see.

State: tight shoulders from carving

Tags: jewelry, photographs, stones, wedding rings

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