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Shell Pendant with Pearls and Dreamsnake Pendant
I made this pendant for Rina Weisman from a beautiful shell that she's had forever.  I loved the complex texture of the shell and made a design that reflected that complexity. It's in sterling with fresh water pearls.  Silver is more brilliant then the photo. Actual size is about 2" high. I decided to have the image this large so the details would be clear. It's stunning on her.

I'm working this weekend on polishing some of the designs for Worldcon. Including a new snake pendant design from Vonda McIntyre's remarkable book "Dreamsnake".  I'm looking forward to seeing her at Worldcon. The major pendants are mostly finished but there is still lots of work to be done.

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Dreamsnake has long been one of my favorites. I hope you post a photo of the pendant.

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