laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Contemplating Demons

(cross-posted on Dreamwidth as laurieopal)

I've been thinking about and working for a long time (sculpture long time) on a pendant making a design for an old wedgewood-like piece that has a woman with a demon tail. Part of the reason it's taking long is is that as it evolves I remove and make changes.
I've been working in a Heronymous Bosch feeling but I'm also starting to look at some Tibetan and Chinese demons. Not at all sure about including them but maybe an influence and definitely interesting.

I'm actually mostly looking closely at the details. For example:

And on a very different subject, I just found out that my Memory Landscapes panel will be at Wiscon - more about this later
Tags: art jewelry, heronymous bosch, jewlery, memory landscapes
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