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Calcopyrite and Sagenite Pendants

I'm back from Fogcon where I saw lots of folks I like, who I don't see that often.  And I have a jade commission with stunning stones.  I'll be putting up a photo of them later.

This photo is a calcopyrite (gorgeous) pendant set in sterling. Stone is far more brilliant then it photographs. It's almost sequin-like in multiple blues with a touch of gold. Design was made to both set off and reflect the stone. It's about 1.75"

marsha pyrite1_0809
From the collection of Marsha Jones

This photo is a sagenite set in sterling. Sagenite was a new stone to me and this was a particulalry exceptional one chosen from several beauties. A very different texture and design for a very different stone.  It's about 3".
I'm pretty happy with this photograph.

From the collection of Tracy Schmidt

I love both of these designs and thought it was interesting to post them together.
Tags: art jewelry, calcopyrite, jewelery, sagenite

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