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Packed for Boskone and Opal Ring
(Cross-posted on Dreamwidth)

All the jewelry for Boskone is packed.  And i have the display boxes mostly done.  Still have lots of pre leaving things to do including some photography work.

Have a new very sculptured design with a bicolored sapphire that's part of the new design group. It got packed last.

My weather window for travel still looks OK -fingers crossed.

The ring is an Ethiopian opal set in gold.  It's from the collection of Rebecca Burgess.  The colors shot somewhat differently then the opal's usual vivid appearance but it's totally stunning.

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I hope that you didn't get trapped by the storm. I bailed on Boskone because of the weather forecast -combined with having to stay at another hotel. The conditions were already lousy for any kind of city travel.

Sorry to be a while in responding. I took some down time after Boskone and am now back in my studio.

I was very fortunate in my flights. They were both in brief good windows so the travel was fine.

It was the coldest weather I've experienced in a long time. And,of course, I didn't know that my flight was OK until the morning of the Monday I flew out. It was definitely suspenseful.

The weather was _not_ for being in the other hotel!

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