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Jeweled Phoenix And Jewelry for Boskone
(cross-posted on Dreamwidth)

This is the Chinese phoenix I was writing about earlier. It took a long time because of the detail and the stylization. Stones are deep orange sapphires it's sterling. It's about 2" high. I made it for Karen M. Herkes.


The detail is finer than the photo shows, but it gives a good idea of the design.

I've finshed the rings for Boskone and am working on final polishing and finished work designs.  Just did a nightshade pendant with pearls, garnets, and clear blue antique Chinese glass beads.  It's black sterling silver threaded with copper wire.

And tomorrow I'm working on a gingko necklace and some bronze pendants.  Still lots to do.

Looking forward to Boskone and seeing my friends.

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The black and white was my first cat, Duzell. That sweet boy passed away in 2012, but I think he picked out our current cat. Pumba, the black cat pictured, announced himself to me the very same day when I brought Duz's uneaten food to my neighborhood shelter. Pumba's very different, shy where Duz was everyone's friend, but a snuggle bug, nonetheless. :-)
How did your cat find you?

I went to the shelter for a female kitten. George who was about 8-9 months and male spent 20 minutes going "take me home and I'll be lovable, affectionate and amusing forever". And so far it's all true

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