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Sculptured Setter Pendant With Larimar

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I'm about to go back to polishing jewelry for Boskone but I wanted to post this first.

This is the dog pendant I wrote about a while ago.  It took forever.  It's in silver and the stone is larimar.  The pendant is sculpted on both sides and the dog on each side is different.  The details on the animals took forever and making a design that worked equally aesthetically on both sides was both difficult and very enjoyable. Side is approximately 3.5".


I'm really pleased that I was able to get images that show the level of detail fairly well.This side photographed easily

dog 2web_0791

This one took a lot more work but I'm satisfied with it.  (It was much harder to light - note the different background.)

From the collection of Wendy Czarnecki .

She invited me to the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show here in San Francisco at the Cow Palace yesterday. Serendipitously her pendant was finished a few days before.  So I got to see my work and a large group of setters at the same time.  It was both very special and satisfying.  (And much less likely to happen with dragons.)

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