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Back on LJ

There was an issue with LJ that would not let me log on to post since the 19th but it seems to be resolved.  Hopefully I will be back to posting regularly now.

So first let me wish everyone a good Holiday and you might want to check out Body impolitic's 2014 Guide To A Sane Holiday.

And I am off to do late night holiday prep.

 I posted this on dreamwidth on the 19th:

Wax and Rain

I've been working in wax a lot lately and being very tightly focused. It's sometimes a mixed blessing.  Some of the designs are being cast now and after they're polished and set I should have some photos in the forseeable future.

I've been carving a woven gold ring set with an Ethiopian opal that has a mixture of flash and delicate pin point color that's very unusual and beautiful.

And also working on a design for a really subtly stunning chalcopyrite pedant in blue and gold.  I'm close to finishing a delicate subtle design for a beautiful tanzanite.

All the rain we've been having in San Francisco is excellent for working at my wax
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