laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Polarized Bear

I'm polarizing a bear for Janni Lee Simner(janni). That means transforming one of my black bear pendants into something much closer to a polar bear. Janni owns several of my creatures, often bought in conjuction with a new book coming out.   I don't adapt work very often but this seemed really right.

She saw the bear at Westercon. I asked her for a little information about the new book with the polar bear and she wrote me.

I showed up at Westercon _just_ as I'd finished a round of revisions on Thief Eyes, so your bear had perfect timing! Thief Eyes (Random House, summer 2010) is a YA fantasy about a girl who travels to Iceland looking for her missing mother, and who gets caught up in a saga-era ancestor's spell. She's not the only one who gets caught up in her ancestors' magic, though--another character discovers, during the story's journey, that he has beserker blood. In some stories the berserks were not only powerful fighters, but shapeshifters as well--wolves, usually. But there've never been any wolves in Iceland, while the occasional polar bear does wash ashore there, so of course my berserker changes into a bear. All of which meant I very much had polar bears very much on my mind when I showed up at Westercon and saw your bear waiting there for me. I can't wait to wear his polarized cousin as a sort of book talisman. :-)

I've been watching nature programs fairly obsessively lately.  Not unusual when I'm making creatures, and I'm feeling particularly clear on polar bears and how their muscles move. They have a remarkable beautiful rolling shoulder movement.

I love making book talismans.

Mood: Creative  (What I really want to say is bearish.)

Tags: book talismans, janni lee simner, jewelry, polar bears

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