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World Fantasy Ebook Photo "Chinese Landscape"

  • All of the polishing is finished for World Fantasy and except for one pearl ring all the stones are set.

The poppy on barbed wire pendant that I've made as my commenorative for the 40th World Fantasy (1914 theme) has worked out beautifully.

The pendant below from their ebook is "Chinese Landscape".
Sterling silver, plume agate with marcasite, cinnamon diamonds, and faceted marcasites  - approximately 2.5"
From the Collection of Marsha Jones

I'm too tired to write more tonight.

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The way the frame of "Chinese Landscape" matches the stone is just astonishingly great.

Thanks. I've looked at a lot of Chinese landscape paintings and that was a real influence.

That's a really stunning piece. (The last two or three you posted photos of were amazing, too, but I feel silly posting the same comment every time.)


I appreciate it. Thanks. But don't feel silly I'm happy to hear it.

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