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World Fantasy Ebook Jewelry Photo Two
First I want to thank JeanMarie Ward who was wonderful to work with in getting the images and texts together for the ebook. I really appreciated her help.

This was inspired by an exhibition i saw at the Met in NY of work by the 17th century Chinese artist Liu Ping.

Chinese Cherry Tree

Sterling silver, watch gears/parts, agate with marcasite, and rubies - approximately 3"
From the Collection of Bayla Fine

Today I've been working on polishing smaller pendants (lace work, gear work flowers with antique beads etc.)

Life is getting dense.

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Thank you! It was a pleasure working with you for UNCONVENTIONAL FANTASY. I can't wait to see you...and the pieces you've created for the con.

Sorry to be so long in answering. WFC is getting close. Really looking forward to seeing you. Thanks again!

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