laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Photographs and Mythic Tiger

I'm getting my photographs ready for the Detroit art show. I'm bringing 2 photographs of Berndatte Bosky (who is one of the guests of honor) from Women En Large and the photo of Samuel R Delany from Familiar Men that was just in the National Queer Art Festival exhibition.

I'm polishing some earrings and small pendants right now and hopefully will be finished with them by tomorrow.

The group includes my mythic Japanese tiger pendant. There was long period of time when there were no tigers to see in Japan and the artist's prints of them are imagined in some excellent and somewhat alien ways. Geri Sullivan went to an exhibition of these prints a long time ago and gave me the catalog. It was the inspiration for this design. Coincidentally I bought a small figure of a tiger today that I think will end up as part of a photograph one of these days.

I'm thinking about a honeycomb black opal and starting to imagine designs.
Tags: art jewelry, detcon1, jewelry, mythic tiger, photography

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