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I'm Not Going to Worldcon
As I mentioned yesterday, unfortunately I'm not gong to Worldcon.  The expenses and complications of bringing the jewelry into Canada turned out to be just too difficult.  I'm really disappointed.  I'd been planning to go for a long time.  Please pass the word on this when appropriate.  I'll be emailing and calling folks this week but an lot of people are expecting me.

Ben Levy who I've been talking to about the Dealers Room has been exceptionally helpful and I really appreciate it.

But I've decided to look on the bright side.  This means that I get to stay home until the DiscWorld convention over labor day weekend.

So, I'm going to use this new found time to  work on photographing the jewelry really well (a major project ) and to start working on some steam punk jewelry, I've just envisioned.

Of course, I have my commissions to work on and Deb and are are finishing an academic article about the Women of Japan project and .. and ..and

But it's still seriously regained time and I plan to enjoy it.

Mood: Looking on the Bright Side

Arrgh!  just noticed how I spelled the photography tag!

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I'm sorry to hear you won't be making it - with the circumstances you describe, I can well believe it being far more complicated than is sensible to bring in your jewellery. I really like what I've seen of your work and had hoped to see some up close. Another venue, perhaps. :)

I hope you get a chance to see it too. I'll be at the Discworld convention in Tempe, Arizona over Labor Day and the World Fantasy convention in San Jose at the beginning of November,if that's any help.

You can correct the spelling on the photography tag by going to your profile page and using the Manage --> Tags link.


All fixed. I feel much more literate.

Thanks again

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