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Forest From "The Wild Ways"

II'm now totally back and working hard for Detcon1 in July.  Very much back at my wax bench.

Just received 3 beautiful watermelon tourmalines that are blue and pink - very special.

I wrote earlier about having commissions for very different interpretations of the forest from Tanya Huff's "The Wild Ways".

The  one below is silver and clear rutilated quartz.  in addition to the  outside trees in the design, I also carved a forest grove behind the  stone.  I'd never done this kind of carving on a pendant.  It worked  even more beautifully then I hoped.  The photo is pretty good and I think  it gives a fine sense of the back carving.  I'm definitely going to do  another
carving behind a rutilated quartz - it's a concept I want to develop.

It's from the collection of Bayla Fine.

I just checked this for typos and it's really time for me to quit for the night.
Tags: art jewelry, detcon1, jewelry, rutilated quartz, the wild ways

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