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Wiscon Panel: Time, Contingency, Memory: As Elements of Art

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I suggested this panel because my new work involves these elements, and I'm delighted to have remarkable women on the panel with whom I've had conversations about this.  Panelist are editor Debbie Notkin, and writers Nisi Shawl and Pat Murphy.

Time, Memory and Contingency are part of everyone's work.  I'm working with them in visual art, writers work with language and this is what I'm hoping we'll have an exciting conversation about. We'll be discussing, among other things, how these elements come up in their work and thoughts?

My new project is  Memory Landscapes: A Visual Memoir.  I want to travel through time, the person I am now visiting the persons I used to be.  But memory isn't linear, so the trip is layered and interwoven, because  inside the head everything happens at once. I want to make an autobiographical visual memoir of my personal life and the larger history I've lived in.

Most people have photographs and memory objects that evoke their interwoven memories.  In my images many objects are fragments of my past that I've carried with me into the present. The compositions of the images make a piece of my layered memories.  

Life as lived is incoherent, we impose narratives on the telling of our lives.  This should make for interesting discussion.

I had already been thinking about iPad art, separately from any project.  With an iPad, for the first time one can make work where viewers everywhere see the original art, not reproductions or recreations.  iPad art is also illuminated from within, presenting the opportunity to express the layering of memory.  In a sense, I am creating memory landscapes that are iPad still lifes.  They are created completely for the camera, except for cropping there is no photoshop.

I'll be showing the work I've done so far.

I'm excited about being part of this and am expecting to learn a lot from Debbie, Nisi, Pat and the audience.
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