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Stones for Wiscon and Covalite

My brain is seriously burned right now. I just finished packing the stones for Wiscon including the one's that just arrived from my lapidary.

It's all very meticulous work and while I love looking at all the new and now so new stones the concentration is fierce. Stones include druze crystals in a variety of minerals including a stunning large gem silica, pink opal from Peru, prenite (golden and new to me), and some stunning small Ethiopian opals.

(As I write,I am pretending not to see my cat, George, steal a pen, roll it across the floor and bury it under the rug. It seems a shame to deprive him of the pleasure.)

This is a beautiful covalite (They are found in conjunction with silver ore.) that I set for an antique Russian chain.  The stone is a deep reflective, somewhat chatoyant dark blue that doesn't photograph well so you'll have to use some imagination. It's in a shade of gold made to harmonize with the deep gold of the chain.  Pendant is about 1.75 inches.  From the collection of  Wendy Czarnecki.

wendy covaliteadjweb2_0516
Looking forward being less burned and being at Wiscon.
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