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Le Guin's Hayiya-if Symbol For Wiscon
I decided a while ago that I wanted to make a special pendant for Wiscon every year, starting now. I spent a long time trying to think about what would be wonderful to make and feeling blank. Then I realized what I wanted to do and went "of course".

I'm going to make pendants inspired by books written by Wiscon Guests of Honor.

The first one will be a Heyiya-if pendant, a holy symbol for the Kesh, from Ursula Leguin's "Always Coming Home". It took very long time to carve, but it's done and I will be making the black silver pendants in the next 2 weeks before Wiscon. I'm so pleased that the wax is done and that I'm _very_ happy with it, that I'm not being superstitious and I'm writing about it before they are actually cast.

I am very done for the day and looking forward to Wiscon.

The picture is from Wikipedia

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Years ago, when Ursula was GOH at MythCon in Berkeley, I made a computer font of the Kesh alphabet, and the convention name badges had attendee's names in both Roman and Kesh lettering. I also got to be a celebrant in the Kesh ritual that was part of the program. I have the edition of Always Coming Home with the tape, and I designed a Kesh dustcover for it, which I never got around to finishing. Looking forward to seeing your pendant.

That's great. I love that you did that. Pendants should be finished by the end of next week. (They had better be.)

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