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Le Guin's Hayiya-if Symbol For Wiscon
I decided a while ago that I wanted to make a special pendant for Wiscon every year, starting now. I spent a long time trying to think about what would be wonderful to make and feeling blank. Then I realized what I wanted to do and went "of course".

I'm going to make pendants inspired by books written by Wiscon Guests of Honor.

The first one will be a Heyiya-if pendant, a holy symbol for the Kesh, from Ursula Leguin's "Always Coming Home". It took very long time to carve, but it's done and I will be making the black silver pendants in the next 2 weeks before Wiscon. I'm so pleased that the wax is done and that I'm _very_ happy with it, that I'm not being superstitious and I'm writing about it before they are actually cast.

I am very done for the day and looking forward to Wiscon.

The picture is from Wikipedia

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I think I want that, despite not having seen the actual pendant yet, and I'm not going to be at Wiscon this year. (Making it I think the second I'm missing since I started attending the Le Guin was GoH.)

Sorry you won't be there this year. The pendants should be cast by the end of the week. I'll be in touch then about price, chain length etc.

I love that she was the guest host at your first Wiscon. It makes me happy I made the pendant.

They cast beautifully. Email me at lte@laurietobyedison.com if you'd like one (they are $60 plus mailing) and I'll save one for you. In this group I only made 6.

Pendants are approx 1" by 1". They are a black antiqued sterling silver, with a very narrow small connection between the 2 curves that is silver colored to create a little illusion of space between them. The chain is also regular silver to emphasis the pendant design.

Years ago, when Ursula was GOH at MythCon in Berkeley, I made a computer font of the Kesh alphabet, and the convention name badges had attendee's names in both Roman and Kesh lettering. I also got to be a celebrant in the Kesh ritual that was part of the program. I have the edition of Always Coming Home with the tape, and I designed a Kesh dustcover for it, which I never got around to finishing. Looking forward to seeing your pendant.

That's great. I love that you did that. Pendants should be finished by the end of next week. (They had better be.)

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