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Firebirds and Ammonites Oh My
I just finished the wax of the firebird . Making the prongs was a lot like painting with the end of a pin. Small prongs, when they have to be aesthetically precisely placed, always feel difficult, no matter how many timers I've done them.

I will put a photo up of the piece after it's done and Diana who commissioned it has received it. There's no way I know to photograph waxes effectively. They just look like purple stuff. For most people, even it they see them in person, they're very hard to read. The material is dark and flat and the details don't show very well. Part of making waxes is visualizing how they'll look in silver, all of the time you're working on them. For me it's automatic. I think it's one of the reason's I took to black and white photography so easily. Then I'm looking through a view finder at real life color and seeing black and white.

And my left thumb is continuing to improve. It's recovering from a nasty 5 stitch cut it got a couple of months ago, . I've been working on breaking up the last of the scar tissue by rubbing it hard with a small jade beach stone I picked up at Big Sur. Any stone would do, but i like the texture of the jade, at least in theory. I need to rub the scar hard enough to hurt so in reality the texture is only noticeable before and after.

I'm thinking about making ammonite earrings. I made a ammonite pendant that I was really happy with. You can see it here on Body Impolitic. It found an excellent home when I was at Norwescon in Seattle. I don't seem to be finished with ammonites yet, I've been thinking about the earrings for a while.

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Hi, Laurie! Welcome to LiveJournal.

Yes, that ammonite pendant is gorgeous. I'm glad it's now in excellent hands and will be curious to see what you do with the earring idea.

A firebird? Oh, my. You're certainly the right artist to do an amazing job with one!

Love the ammonite. They are among my favorite of all fossils.

And it's great to see you here!

I've also got a much smaller ammonite shell that my lapidary just polished for me. Will probably do a pendant with that fairly soon.

Hi Laurie,

Welcome to Livejournal! I'm looking forward to hear more about the details of your jewlery making.


That ammonite pendant is stunning!! I'm here via elisem, and look forward to reading more about your creations.

Hi Laurie - Welcome to LJ!
It will be great to have another way to keep in touch and hear what you're working on.

I don't think I responded after I received the print you sent. It's wonderful, dare I say I might even like it better than the original silver gelatin print?!
Carol, aka Loracs (Carols backwards), aka gillygrrrl.

Edited at 2009-04-24 04:29 am (UTC)

I like it better also. This is one of the relatively rare cases for my photos where photoshop's infinite possibilities really worked well.

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