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Another Worldcon Membership for Sale
I'm back from Westercon and have stories but I'm still pretty wiped out.  Have been hanging out with my daughter instead of resting.

So right now, I have another Worldcon membership to sell for $125, because it turns out that I'm not going to Montreal.

Sheep was much appreciated and I have a fabulous astronomical nova commission.

More about all of this later.

Mood: Happy and really tired

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Whimper. Whimper and good for you for making the right decision.

Love you. Rest and rest and rest some more.

Thanks Geri! I'll try to keep the whimpering to a minimum..although I do value my right to whimper.

I'm sorry to hear that I won't be seeing you in Montreal, but my ring arrived this week, so that will console me until next WisCon. It fits perfectly. Thanks so much!

Glad the ring is perfect. I was going to email you about Montreal next week. Have a great convention. See you at Wiscon.

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