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News, Spiders and Flies

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Sadly, I won't be at Norwescon this year.  I'm really going to miss seeing people.  I will be in Seattle later in the year.  If you's like to know about it get in touch.  And of course I'll be in Spokane in 2015.

Just sent the photo of Fumiko Nakamura to the  exhibition at the Luxon Academy of Fine Arts in China yesterday.  Serendipitously also received the catalogue of the exhibition in the mail.  The catalogue is beautiful and the back cover page has one of my photos on it (with several others.)  Will be posting at length about it when it's closer.  It opens April 15th.

And this spider and fly pendant is silver with a stunning rutilated quartz and a faceted garnet.  Size is approximately 2.5"  It's from the collection of David and Pierce Ludke.  A spider design for the quartz was their idea.  I added the fly.  It was a challenging pleasure to make.

Tags: art jewelry, china exhibition, gemstones, jewelry, norwescon, spider/fly
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