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Almost Back Again

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I'm back from very relaxing down time. Unfortunately, my new cat George did not do well, in spite of excellent cat sitting. Her really pined. I'm going to have to figure this out before I go away again.

And I'm thinking about designs - can't seem to help it. Did not come back with new stones which is probably just as well since I have a magnificent group from my lapidary to look through.

And I'm delighted Nisi Shawl is the fourth panelist on my proposed Wiscon panel, Time, Contingency, Memory – As Elements of Art, along with Pat Murphy and Debbie Notkin. . If you're a member of WisCon, you can check "I would like to attend this panel" on the programming web site the panel is the very last one in the "Feminism and Other Social Change Movements" category. I posted about it right before I left. I think Monday is the last day.

Will take one more day to reenter and do some garden work then Monday I'm fully back in the world.
Tags: art jewelry, jewelry, wiscon
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