laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Boskone And Back Again

(cross-posted on dreamwidth as laurieopal)

Managed to miss storms on both ends of the trip.  Had a great Boskone, as usual, except for the cold.  (I'm a real California girl when it comes to cold.) Saw lots of friends. Got several marvelous commissions, including  making a necklace from slices of fossilized mammoth tooth and red tourmaline and garnets.  And I'm making two completely different designs of the wild wood from Tanya Huff's Gale family novels, especially The Wild Ways

It's the first time I'll be working more or less simultaneously on two very different interpretations of the same concept.

I've got photos of new commissions to put up and a great wedding portrait with rings but I'm saving them for when I'm back after some much needed down time.  I'll be back in the world on March 13th.

Hope your March comes in like a lamb.
Tags: boskone, fine art jewelry, jewelry, tanya huff, the wild ways
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