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Exoplanet Pendants for Boskone
(cross-posted on Dreamwidth as laurieopal)

I've finally photographed two of the exoplanet pendants I'm bringing to Boskone.

Finding the right stones for these is difficult but recently found several that really worked well in the designs.

exoplanet pendant -planet-peruvian opal- satellite -madiera citrine

Planet is Peruvian opal and the satellite is a Madeira citrine. Setting is sterling silver.

exoplanet pendant - planet florite -satilite is a diamond

Planet is a very unusual fluorite and a diamond star crosses it's satellite. (Diamond is larger in actual pendant then shows in photo.)

Both designs are about 1.5"

I'm finishing the final piece of jewelry for Boskone tonight. Then on to packing displays etc etc etc. (The is a lot of etc.)

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I love that first one so much!

I hope it will still be available when I catch up with you at Boskone.

It's packed for Boskone. See you soon.

Thanks. Hope you get a chance to see some of the others.

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