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Starting Out
I've been wanting to write more about my jewelry than I can on Body Impolitic, where I blog with wild_irises; mostly on body image and art.  I was having tea with my friend elisem; a while ago, after a panel we did on fiber, beads, metal and high geekiness.  She convinced my that lj was the right place to start writing about this part of my work.

I'm used to writing more formally for Body Impolitic and I'm looking forward to writing in a more conversational way. I'll also have much more "relaxed" spelling and grammar.

I've been carving a wax for a silver pendant of at fire bird from the Russian legends, for quite a while.  Today, I carved the fine detail in the feathers and figured out how to make some feathers that simultaneously look like subtle flames.  It has 3 antique Hungarian garnets in it's tail  They're a dark blood red. This kind of detail takes a lot of focus and I've run out for today, so I'm here starting my journal.
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Yes, welcome to LJ. I bought plane tickets for Wiscon today; I'm looking forward to our panel.

looking forward to seeing you

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