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Exoplanet Designs - Astronomicals
(crossposted on dreamwidth laurieopal)

I've been carving exoplanet pendants in wax. Two have circling moons. One with a star in front of it. And one with an asteroid cloud that has a couple of shining stars. I think it will just be these three and it will be a while before they are finished.  I found a Peruvian opal that blue and brown and just perfect for this group.

I've been doing the final work on the grey druze crystal cave with the flying dragon coming out of a moonstone egg. I've been working with various tones in liver of sulfur to get exactly the right patina on the setting for the grey druze crystal cave itself.

And I have a new cat named George. It's really good to have a cat in the house again.

black and white cat sleeping on his back

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I've only had him 3 weeks and he settled in right away. Now he considers it all his kingdom.

That is a proper cat attitude in his proper cat place.

I meant to say, but was distracted by the cat, that your exoplanet jewelry sounds wildly exciting.


Thanks Pamela. I find him equally distracting.

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