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Kitten Needs Home

My daughter Shayin is looking for a home for this kitten. She lives in Oakland, Ca. in the Bay Area. He really is beautiful.

Shayin says:

As some of you know I recently rescued a litter of five kittens that had been abandoned by their mother.

Four of the kittens have found happy loving homes (one with me). One however (the last to be caught) urgently needs a good home.

He is about 6 weeks old, FIV/Feline leukemia negative, litter boxed trained, socialized and a real sweetie. He has lightening fast reflexes, a deafening purr and beautiful black and grey stripes that my cell phone pics don’t do justice to. He eats solid kitten food (the bottle picture below was right after I caught him) and adores napping in a warm lap.

I can only keep him through Thursday, after which I will be forced to take him to the shelter. If you know anyone who would like a truly first rate kitten please forward my contact information. I can be reached at


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