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Leaf Design Opal and Diamond Pendant
I worked on this for a long time and I'm really happy with it. It's from the collection of Rebecca Burgess. The opals and diamonds are hers and designing a balance for the various shapes and sizes of opals required a lot of thought. The texturing of the branches and the leaves was art deco influenced. Setting is gold and the pendant is 3" wide.

opal and diamond leaf design pendant

I was just polishing what will be a calcopyrite and 14kt pendant and an silver emerald, blue diamond, and cinnamon diamond ring. I've almost finished "The Stars Change" pendant. The reptile tail and the tiny cat face in the "warrens" are done.

Also finished a Tigereye pendant that I should have a photo of soon.

Next time I'll put up a photo of my new cat George. He's making me very happy

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Gorgeous necklace! And congratulations on the new addition to the family. Pumba is our little guy, and he never fails to make us smile.

Thanks. Pumba looks beautiful. George is currently making bird sounds underfoot.

Thanks! As I said it took a lot of thought.

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