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Carving Waxes - the Stars Change
(crossed posted as laurieopal on LiveJournal)

I've been carving waxes in a particularly focused way this week. It feels so good to have my wrists back to normal! Work includes opal earrings and a peacock obsidian pendant, both with small colored diamonds.

Actually I got a lovely intense small blue diamond today.

And I've been designing and carving a pendant for quite a while that's the city from "The Stars Change", MaryAnne Mohanraj's novel (I loved the book). I'm making it for her. and it's being very complex. Her city includes a mathematical eyrie, a hugh Mughal palace (historians), a tower of art "a frothy creation of violet spun-steel" and other university buildings. I've been looking at lots of images of Mughal palaces.

There's a lot more to it and I'll be writing about it as I do the work.