laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Amazing Stones for Home Show

I'm starting to get ready for my first ever and probably only home show (for all my jewelry) in San Francisco, at my friend Tracy's on Portrero Hill.

I'm going to give a stone talk, as I said earlier.  I'm going through through my stones trying to pick out the ones I'm going to talk about.  It's _hard_.  It will certainly include some amazing opals and a vivid red ammonite I just got.  But beyond that I'm still looking at stones and deciding.  And I suspect Tracy's looking at her wines and thinking about what she's going to pour on Sunday.

As I said a week or so ago, it's 1-5 PM on Sunday the 13th.  If you'd like to come, email me at

I'm going to try to put up the opal and silver Disc World sculpture tomorrow (with elephants).
Tags: home show, stones
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