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Back from Worldcon And Slightly Damaged.

I'm back from Worldcon and mostly recovered from it.  Had an excellent Worldcon.  Saw lots of people I like and don't see nearly often enough.  I got some fascinating commissions that will hopefully show up here in photos. We had some great Mexican food.  And I thank Bayla, Marsha and Shayin for all the fabulous help.

Then going out to breakfast the morning after I got back (Sept. 4), I was bitten by a German Shepard on a leash passing me on the left. (Fortunately I'm right handed. )  I was talking to a friend and didn't even see the dog until it happened. The folks in the emergency room were great.

There is _no_ permanent damage but it took a small piece out of my wrist and I'm going to be very limited in my use of my left hand for at least two more weeks.

I was pretty badly shaken up at the time but that's passed off.

Among other things this means that metal work I have to do from Worldcon will be in later  in October then I  told people.  Working in metal will be the last thing I'll be able to do as this continues to heal.

Next post will have a photo of a commission I brought to Worldcon and some other news.
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