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Amber, Icelandic Spar and Lava pendants
I'll have both of these at Worldcon. Both pendants are in sterling and are about 1.5" to 2".

I'm bringing 2 velvet bags to Worldcon. One with the oceanic shaped polished Baltic amber pieces and one with lave I gathered in Iceland. Ask me if you're there and you'd like to see them.

Amber and Icelandic Spar (double prismatic).  the rainbows don't show in the photo.

Lava, sunstone and diamond.   Lava is blacker in the original.

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All your work is amazing, but these seem particularly so.


Thanks. I think it's the history I have with the stones. Gathering the lava especially on the beaches was amazing.

Oh, how COOL! Both of them.

Thanks! And thanks for the chalice idea. I'll keep you posted.

User elisem referenced to your post from other people's art saying: [...] Oh, NICE! [...]

Thanks. The specialness of the materials from the trip was especially inspiring.

These are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing you at Worldcon!

Thanks. See you at Worldcon.
Let me know if you want to see the Iceland trip stones.

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