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Work For Worldcon and Designs for Antique Chains
I've been working on three necklaces that incluide lava beads I got in Iceland with long textured pearls.  Right now I love working with lava.  I will have them at Worldcon.

I finished the two gold pendants for antique Russian gold chains for the collection of Wendy Czarnecki.  They took a really long time to make and it was very well worth it.

Photos are below. It was both challenging and rather marvelous to create designs that would flow into the pendants in an enhancing way while being striking in themselves. Both chains are exquisite handmade filigree.

I took the photos quickly at her house and they worked out surprisingly well.

The stone is plume agate

The stone is a finely detailed lace agate.

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Oh, nice!

I owe you a phone call or something; I did send email.


Have an art question I'd like to discuss on the phone when it works for you. Any chance you'll be at Worldcon?

I will not be at Worldcon. I'll be available all tomorrow until 6 p.m. by phone if that's handy.

...is that a Laguna lace agate, or something else of excellence?

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