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Baltic Amber From My Trip

When I was in Finland I found by pure accident, the shop of an amber obsessive lapidary.   It was tucked away on a street near a bus station that I was exploring as an alternate way back to where I was staying.  I was in the older part of Helsinki many of the streets are maze like. (Especially on your first day. )

I went back the next day when I had time to seriously look.  He had amber exactly as it had come from the Baltic, polished but otherwise untouched. I'd never seen this before and I loved them.They varied greatly in quality and I went through about 200 of them and chose the stunning pieces.

The photo below is the group.  The actual amber pieces are actually about 1" to 1.5".

It feels like my "soul" has finally come back.  I'm doing the post Wiscon work and my head is full of designs for the amber and the lava.
Tags: amber, art jewelry, jewelry

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