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Back From Travels

Laurie says:

I wrote this for Body Impolitic a few days ago and then collapsed into light/jet lag.  I seem to be mostly back now.  I gathered beautiful lava stones in Iceland.  And I found Baltic amber in Finland that was untouched in the natural shapes that it had been found n the Baltic.  It was polished but otherwise untouched.  I'm very excited about working with it.  Will do photo of the stones next week.


I'm back from my travels to Iceland, Helsinki and Estonia. I've just spent a month in almost endless light and  I'm 10 hours behind and very jet lagged. I read William Gibson's Pattern Recognition on the plane coming back.  The protagonist who is jet lagged believes that your soul doesn't do air travel and follows you more slowly.  Right now I feel like she's right.

I'll write about the trip (it was amazing) when my soul returns.  But I did want to put up a few of the photographs I took.  These are "memory pictures".  I'll write more about what that means to me later.

Snaefellsnes Mountain/Volcano/Glacier Iceland

Iceland Microflora


Midnight Sunset

More photographs to come ...
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