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Off to Wiscon
Off to Wiscon in the morning.  Really looking forward to seeing everyone.  Lucky that my friend Julissa is taking care of my studio.

Will have an archival print of the cover I made for Bloodchildren - Stories by Octavia Butler Scholars edited by Nisi Shawl in the Tiptree Auction.

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We won't be there this year. I came down with bronchitis with plenty of time to cancel and feel sulky about the whole thing. I'm starting to recover and can now miss each person I expected to see with a specificity not possible during the worst of the illness.

Have a great time. Maybe we'll get down to the Bay Area for purely social reasons some time this year.

Glad you're feeling better. Really missed you at Wiscon. Plan to be in Seattle either later summer or fall. Looking forward to seeing you then.

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