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New Designs for Wiscon!

I haven't been posting as much as I like this month because I've been so focused on finishing my new work for Wiscon.
When I make a lot of new work my time for everything else tends to shrink.

I've been working on this collection for along time.  I didn't realize how many new one of a kind pendants, I'd made until I had them all layed out together today when I was packing the jewelry.

The work includes:

A fossilized opal clam shell from when Australia was a sea, designed with coral silver branches and set  a ruby and an emerald.  I've had the shell in my collection for years and finally decided that I wanted to work with it in a design.  It's stunning.

A large Ethiopian mountain opal that's deep brown shot with green and vivid red.  The pendant design includes cinnamon diamonds.

A brilliant striped opal in a silver design that reflects it's inner patterns.

An astronomical with a Mexican opal as the planet and a cinnamon opal as its rotating body.  The opal matrix is brownish with a vivid center.

A fossilized coral that is black with leaf like golden patters in a silver coral setting with hematite with pyrite lodged in the coral.

A 19th century Venetian glass cabochon designed with a rose tourmaline and a pearl.   I've also had the antique Venetian glass cabuchon for a long time before designing for it.

A vivid orange and green Volga river chalcapyrite designed in black silver

A lace patterned lapis and azurite in a silver lace design.

And more.   I've really been working hard.
Tags: art jewelry, gem stones, jewelry, opals, wiscon

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