laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Artist's Sabbatical


As I've said earlier, I have a photography project that I've been wanting to work on for about the last year and there simply wasn't enough time for it. So, I'm on my Artist's Sabbatical this spring working on it.  I now seem to have the basic shape of the project although I'm not yet ready to discuss it yet.

This means that regretfully, I won't be at Norwescon.  I'll really miss people but I need this time for the new work. And, of course I'll be there next year. And I will be at Wiscon and Lone Star Con in San Antonio.

I've also been working on some marvelous jewelry and sculpture commissions (that I've talked about here recently) and I'm still happily take new commissions and taking care of people's jewelry needs.  But the Sabbatical will  let me explore the new  work.

Tags: artist's sabbatical, norwescon, photography

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