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Koroit Opal and Carnelian
Both of these pendants are from the collection of Tracy Schmidt.  She found the very unusual carnelian in Thailand.  I wanted a design that was influenced by 20th century abstract expressionism.  The nature of the stone seemed to call for that feeling.  It's sterling and actual size is 2.5"

This is a koroite opal that I love from my collection.  The green faceted stones are tourmalines that I was saving for several years to do a individual design for.  I thought they were too special to include with another stone.  But they were such a perfect match for the green in the opal, (A match that would otherwise be close to impossible.) that I used them in this design.  And given how beautifully the stones work together, I'm really glad I did.  It's sterling and the actual size is 2.5"