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Walrus Gift
waywardcats had some uncut walrus ivory that her father legally obtained in the 1940's.  She asked me if I would like it and of course I was thrilled.  I just got it a day or so ago.

I want to do something very special with it.  So, I'm going to wait until I see my lapidary in person, even though it will be quite a while. I want to figure out a less usual and more intense (in a design sense) way to cut it. It's  a rare opportunity and I want to do something very exceptional both in cut and  design.

I'm working on the very three dimensional setting for the mountain opal. ( It has stunning green and red flashes.)  I'm using a mycrocrystaline brown sculpture wax that is my initial choice for more sculptural designs. In the early stages I can actually work it without tools.  I'll need to add other harder waxes later.

I got photos of Bayla Fine wearing her opal pendant earlier this week.  They'll probably go up in my next post.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks for sharing the information. It's really good to know more about where it came form.

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